Email Services

All professional hosting accounts offer the facility to set up your own email addresses for your domain. For example, if your domain is, you can set up email addresses – With Lakeland Web Design you can have as many email addresses as you like and it won’t cost you any extra. You will be given access to a control panel where you can easily set up extra email addresses. You can choose to use the online webmail service available with your hosting to view and respond to emails, or you can set up your preferred email program, such as Outlook Express, to fetch emails from the mail server and load them into your computer.

What is Web hosting and Webmail

A website needs to be hosted on a public server, known as a web server, which allows public internet access, in order to be available on the world-wide web. In principle any computer can be turned into a web server and hooked up to the internet, but this would not provide a reliable or secure service. Security and reliability are both major issues with web hosting, and the importance of a good web hosting service cannot be underestimated.

How to Access Webmail

  • Type: or into your preferred Internet browser.
  • IP is meant to stand for your websites IP address.
  • Approximately one week after setting up your website, you will be able to access your cPanel interface by replacing the IP address with your domain name.
  • Enter your email address into the Username field. This should include the domain name. (e.g.
  • Enter your password into the Password field.
  • Click Log in.